Tuesday, July 19, 2016

I lived in Turkey

I have friends in danger. I am afraid. My son was born there. It took 14 months for Canada to grant him citizenship; he has rights to no other. 
I have friends who cannot leave. 
I don't want to compromise the safety of any who have been able to get emails through. Things are FAR worse than reported in the media. There a few safe havens; my friends may even be saying those places are safe to avoid suspicion. 
Turkey was scary when I lived there. Erdoğan is not the leader of the country. He was when I lived there. He is not now. Yet he has taken charge. This is precisely the reason a coup was attempted. The military is supposed to prevent politicians from straying from the tenets of the Republic. The last coup involved criminalizing Erdoğan's Islamist, non-secular party. He was banned from politics. He weaselled his way back in. AKP is all the same people of the party deemed criminal in the past.

How long before he starts slaughtering students as at METU (Middle Eastern Technical University) again? 

This is what a ruthless dictator looks like. He ignores the rules. He puts the death penalty back. He gets the US to get on board. (John Kerry is processing the extradition order of a man repeatedly found not guilty of Erdoğan's accusations (always Erdoğan, always.)

The US won't compromise their military bases or nuclear facilities. Complicit in the purge of more people than in Galveston, Texas (entire population plus) Kerry is offering lives in exchange for military access to the Middle East. As if Turkey isn't a corrupt regime in the Middle East. 

Obama made his first international visit as President to Turkey. He's been on the phone with Erdoğan today, ensuring maintained diplomacy. 

Is there ANY place that isn't power hungry?!? ANY nation that will stop Erdoğan?!? Will ANYONE put lives first????

I'm horrified and terrified.

Erdoğan has fired 24,000 teachers, 9000 police officers, 3000 judges, every Dean at every university, 1577, 15,000 academics... He's revoked the right to broadcast from 24 television stations in the country.

Freedom of speech? Nope. Freedom of expression? Nope. All the academics in the West wiping their brows ought to be fighting for their peers in Turkey. 

Meanwhile, my friends who live where I lived, friends with state universities, friends unaffiliated with education but who cannot leave the country (only tourists can) and the non-Erdoğan supporters live in fear for their lives, their children's lives.

Türkiye bozuk. Hiçbir cumhuriyet var.

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