Sunday, December 7, 2014

Visiting the Legislative Assembly of Alberta

We talk politics in this house.  A lot.  Not just since I started working for MLA Laurie Blakeman; we always have.  We talk about a lot of issues.  Nothing gets sugar coated for our children.  We don't want them in the dark about anything.  I think it's much better they know all and know how to ask questions and learn to think for themselves.

This week, because of the outrageous happenings in the Alberta Government (the Conservatives in power, that is) we've been talking more exclusively about politics.  Imogen has taken a keen interest.

On Thursday, she had the chance to attend the Assembly and was introduced to the House by Laurie, who is one of Imogen's idols.  (The other is Laurie MacFayden, my close friend and a talented poet and painter.  Imogen has good taste!)

Here's video footage of my fabulous daughter being introduced to the Assembly, the place, at present, she hopes to work some day as she would like to become an MLA when she grows up.  (Also a singer, an Olympic athlete, a writer, an artist, and an ice cream scientist.  I applaud her ambition.)

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