Tuesday, November 25, 2014

My babies need less pain.

Life in this house has been hard.  There are ongoing, troubling struggles facing our little guy.  Our daughter has been experiencing severe anxiety and more serious, traumatic moments.  She has been crying constantly, not sleeping, desperate for the love of someone who has left.
The world seems to throw more pain and injustice at my children at every turn.  These poor children are facing struggles, losses, and discriminations bigger than most adults ever do and neither has two digits in her/his age.
Bus accidents, emergency room trauma, schoolyard bullying, abandonment by loved ones... all in the space of 3 months.
Please, universe, let up on my little ones.  They are hurting.  This momma's heart is hurting to see them hurt but most of all they are hurting and that needs to stop.
Please send only caring, mindful people into their lives.  They need less of the hard stuff.  They really do.  Please.

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