Friday, July 15, 2016


Erdoğan is the President of Turkey. This is NOT like being President of the United States. It is a nominal title. He is illegally running the country. The Prime Minister is the country's political leader.

Erdoğan is corrupt. He was party of the Islamist Welfare Party, declared illegal, because Turkey is supposed to be secular; the party espoused openly religious, conservative views and laws. It was declared illegal and he was BANNED FROM POLITICS.

He created a new party, AKP, same shit, different name, and same agenda.

He will and has killed so many people. At the same time as the attacks on 
İstanbul Atatürk Havalimanı, he banned Pride celebrations for the 2nd year in a row and imprisoned 47 people for speaking against the ban.

He tear gases non-violent protesters.

And he, a nominal figurehead, declares a coup failed and the world accepts it.

Don't be complicit. Demand he be removed for HIS crimes against Turkishness, real crimes, the murder of political opponents (helicopters being shot down is far from a new occurrence,) the bribing of desperately poverty-stricken people, the institutional abuse of people with disabilities (abuse beyond what a Westerner who has not been beyond North America, Western Europe, tourist Asia-- locking up in orphanages, no medical assistance, no education, prisoners.) I've seen people crawl the streets of Istanbul missing limbs, invisible to the general public who've been informed of the sub-human status of the disabled.
He kills. He will do anything for power. He has taken a nominal position and removed the Prime Minister, the actual leader...

This man is evil. Question anything that is reported via Turkish media. He controls it. He shuts down the internet if he thinks he can't. 

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