Friday, June 3, 2016

No gas

All over the city, our gas stations have no gas to sell. 3-5 weeks until we're expected to get some. Fort McMurray, while you are getting yours for free and buying copious amounts of alcohol, will you consider thinking of those of us who supported you, donated to you? Most of you have homes to walk back into a jobs to walk back into. Our unemployment remains high, we have lost access to gas, and no one is giving us help. As you go back to insurance covering your losses, jobs that, in many cases didn't stop paying you, and had free accommodation, food, entertainment, will you think of us? Will you think of the people here who have never had a home, don't get support, and have nothing to go back to because they are treated as human garbage; you're people middle class Canada can relate to-- most of you have lost things psychologically but not materially. Will you return the gracious welcome and economic support to the homeless here? Will you? Or are the critics right? Many of you have come out richer and are basking in it. I hope not. I hope you see how help swarmed you and respond in kind.