Saturday, August 20, 2016

Chicken Wire Stolen From The Bowels of Caragana... BAFFLING!

A new, incomprehensible, theft from our yard: the chicken wire running through our caragana. Not sure what anyone would do with it. It's hard to imagine a use for mangled chicken wire in an urban context; it's also hard to imagine a use so desperately required that a person would endure the pain of crawling/climbing inside very dense caragana to be scraped, cut, jabbed, possibly impaled by some of the hedge that's exceptionally old, jagged, and sharp. I'm flabbergasted that anyone would go through that trouble for something I just can't imagine being useful. The chicken wire would be damaged by the extraction, possibly and probably to the point of inutility. There's not a lot of mischief-style property damage that happens here either, not of the sort that would be a lot of work, anyways. We have the ongoing issue of people coming and going from the dog park and not picking up their dog poop, garbage being dropped as people walk by, fast food packaging from A&W and KFC, both less than a block away, tossed out windows of cars who've stopped beside our house while the driver eats, then carelessly tosses the detritus out the vehicle window. Most theft is pragmatic, need-based.*** So... chicken wire. Not a big issue. Unless you can't use your back door due to deck construction, so you let your lovely Ruby dog into the front yard to pee, believing the yard is secure... and, of course, she leaves. Thank goodness she went to the dog park down the street. That was a few LONG minutes of panic. The other direction is two extremely busy roads and one of the high accident intersections in the city. ***Like the shovels stolen which the individuals had in hand, (they are distinctive in that they were not a matching pair, a new blue shovel and an older black shovel that I'd broken and hastily repaired with neon pink duct tape) when they returned to our house offering to shovel for a fee. I should add that we didn't hire them to shovel but that I understand thefts of necessity wherein people need items they can't afford to be able to earn money. I simply said, "We'll shovel when we've replaced our missing ones, thanks... and you're welcome." The man looked a bit sheepish, but I think we both understood that that I wasn't calling anyone to report anything and that he had not registered that it was the house from which the shovels were taken (pre-rainbow gate era-- our house is now, especially due to social media shares of photos of it by Sarah Hoffman(politician) and Ryan Jespersen(radio personality)-- very recognizable due to the gate having achieved its own level of local celebrity.)

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