Saturday, July 9, 2016

Wrong Response

As people of colour grapple with increasing fatal violence directed at them, we have an MLA, a person of colour, who said on the radio, "I'm not an American black person; I decided to be more appropriate."

Is there any response but to reel in horror from a comment like that, whatever your colour, if you believe the violence against people of colour is wrong and disproportionate? (It is.)

He went on to say he'd never experienced racism and speculated that it was he can pass as white.

David Shepherd, you don't pass as white. You have done a massive disservice to people of colour north and south of the border with your comments. The live, on air gasp from Portia Clark (also Canadian, also black) is edited out of the podcast of the show.

Reakash Walters commentary on racism that followed Shepherd's dismissal of it was infinitely more intelligent, informed, and not whitewashed.

That she did not win the political nomination and he did is astonishing.

I'm proud to have campaigned for and voted for her. Him? Glad I did neither. (I couldn't vote for him; I don't live in his riding.)

Yes, I am a white person commenting. I admit my privilege in being able to do so. I see a man who has more privilege than he recognizes by a long shot, a man who failed every person of colour in his constituency with his thoughtless comment.

Racism is real.

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