Monday, November 3, 2014

Play Out Apparel-- You Want These Underpants!

In August Jen and I had the amazing chance to visit with my most beloved cousin, who lives in London (the real one, for my Southern Ontario friends) in Boston because by a strange alignment of the stars, we happened to both be there at the same time.  Her friends in Boston hosted a fabulous BBQ and invited us, so I got to meet many of the people who've figured in her life that I've only heard of til now.  It was our first time seeing each other on this continent.  Very amazing.  Very wonderful.  And five years since I'd seen her previously (though we did stay in her house in London... she was abroad at the time.)
Among the truly fantastic people we met were Abby and Sylvie, a couple in New York, who just debuted their gender neutral underwear line at New York Lingerie Fashion Week.  It's queer, attractive, fun, and utterly wonderful (I have been reading Clarice Bean books to Imogen of late, so 'utterly' keeps popping up in my speech.)
You MUST check them out.  (I am not being paid for this.  I simply think they are awesome and deserve as much airtime and sharing as possible.)

You can find their product line at:

I supported their Kickstarter campaign to get the undies on stage at NYC Lingerie Fashion Week, so these stunning trunks will soon be covering my cheeks:

Perfect for my nerdish self.  Perfect for my bum that wants to be a work of art.  Seriously, check them out.  

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